Fitness First: Final Training Progress WEEK 10

So my 10 week training challenge with Fitness First has drawn to a close. Perfect timing, giving we’re 3 days out from Christmas Day. I’ll still be training over the holiday period, but with less focus on pull-ups and core work.


Heres a reminder of my original goals:


Improve arm strength, measured by:

  • 30 full pushups (no knees allowed!)
  • Hold a yogi ‘crow’ pose for 40 seconds

Improve core strength, measured by:

  • Holding a 2m 30s plank
  • 60 bicycles x 4 sets

Improve running endurance, measured by:

  • 20 minutes of sprints (interval training)
  • faster recovery time (2 minute to return heart rate to 60 bpm)


Training for the final two weeks looked like this:

 Fitness First Training Schedule









  • 10 full pushups (no knees)
  • falling nicely on my face in crow
  • A 1 minute plank
  • 30 bicycles x 4 sets
  • 5 minutes of sprints
  • recovery time of approx 4 minutes
  • 25 full pushups (no knees)
  • hold crow pose for 42 seconds (albeit wobbly)
  • A 5 minute plank
  • 60 bicycles x 4 sets
  • 18 minutes of sprints
  • recovery time of approx 2 minutes 30

SO, as you can see, I’m almost there. My fitness levels are vastly improved, I feel stronger and more toned. I have mastered an unassisted chin-up (YAHOO!), and my back muscles have definitely grown – I’m feeling the pinch in my usual crop tops! While I haven’t smashed every goal on my list, i feel confident that without setting those goals, I wouldn’t have reached the stage I’m at now. Since joining Fitness First, i’ve been drawn to many of tie awesome yoga classes too, and after realising it’s something i need in my life regularly to relax and restore my body, I’ve now signed up to study Yoga Teacher Training. Not only do I now have a regular practice (thanks to the awesome teachers at Park Street Platinum), but I have a routine that works with my busy lifestyle. The includes HIIT, yoga, pilates, treadmill work, strength training, personal training sessions and a whole lot more. Talk about introducing diversity into training. I’ve fallen back in love with the gym once again, and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

To find out more information about Fitness First and what they offer, or to try them out for free, visit the Fitness First website: and download a free trial pass!

Questions about my training? Feel free to ask away in the comments below.

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  1. Jen@jpabstfitness

    WOW! That’s awesome progress!! I can not even fathom a 5 minute plank, way to go!

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