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How is that New Years Resolution of reading more books working out for you? Never fear…if you’re feeling a bit uninspired, here are my top reads for every girl or wanna-be entrepreneurs this summer. These inspiring and insightful books will get your creative brain flowing with ideas.  It’s always a good time to learn how …

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My body has a low stress tolerance I run a pretty tight ship around here – recipe testing, photography, workouts, blog posts, marketing and everything Fit Mixes related, and a pretty full event calendar, mean I have to be super organised. When I’m not, my stress levels shoot through the roof – what if I miss a social …

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If you’ve been hanging around on my blog pages for a little while, you’ll know I’m regularly talking about how little time I have to cook. Strange, given ‘food blogger’ is my full time job right?! Things get in the way like content planning, emails, interviews and accounting. So when it comes to those who work …

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Christmas is a time of excess on so many levels. Drink, food, less exercise, more annoying family members, parties, high heels and sore feet. I’m all about enjoying a good knees-up during the festive season, but here’s a few great health hacks I employ for damage control: Issue #1: You feel run-down You’ve been in …

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7 days ago I embarked on a mindfulness journey (read all about it right here) to highlight the transformation of Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange in the cool new Marvel Studios film Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange can discover so much more about the world and do so much good if he just forgets everything he thought he knew. I mentioned in my first …

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