Breakfast Booster: The Benefits of Golden Kiwis

Kiwi Benefits

It’s time to celebrate the arrival of the golden kiwifruit season. Did you know just one kiwi contains 100% of your daily vitamin C needs? With the arrival of Winter here is Sydney, now is the perfect time to give your brekkie routine a nutritious boost and keep colds at bay. Vitamin C content can help decrease feelings of fatigue and increase physical and mental energy. Perfect if you’re working out!

I was recently invited to a delicious breakfast at the Sydney Botanic Gardens Restaurant, held by Zespri, to learn some interesting facts about the production and nutrition of this zesty fruit. I love them and everything, but I have to say my eyes were opened to their wide-ranging benefits and flavour pairings (think ricotta, smoked salmon and kiwi).

Awesome benefits of the humble Kiwi:

  • one of the world’s most nutrient-rich fruits
  • high in fibre, to aid digestion
  • rich in potassium, to help maintain muscle mass
  • your RDA of vitamin C in one fruit
  • folate, which plays an important part in many bodily functions like cell repair


Accredited Practising Dietitian Geraldine Georgeou says:

“The nutritional benefits of this Zespri® range make it truly worth its weight in gold. They offer a serious breakfast boost, with an army of nutrients other fruits could only dream of – in fact there’s twenty nutrients and minerals in each piece. Zespri® Gold Kiwifruits also contain actinidin, a protease enzyme unique to kiwifruits which helps us digest several food proteins, including those found in meat, milk, legumes and cereal.”

For those short on time in the morning (all of us, right?!), Zespri® Gold Kiwifruits are a convenient breakfast option. Their versatility – whether you just like to ‘cut and scoop’ the flesh out with a spoon or peel and slice or even to add them to a variety of dishes – means everyone can boost from their nutritional value really simply. I personally love them in a smoothie with vanilla protein and a little almond milk.


Kiwi Benefits
Kiwi Smoothies. For recipe ideas, visit the Zespri website by clicking this pic.



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  1. Nicola @ Eat Well NZ

    Yum, i love kiwi fruit – both gold and green. The salmon, ricotta and kiwi sounds like a yummy combination, I’ll have to give it a go. Kiwi fruit, avocado, spinach and banana also makes a great smoothie 🙂

    • Sally

      Thanks Nicola! I’ll have to try that smoothie 😉

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