6 Cold-Pressed Juice Bars to Visit in Melbourne + DIY Cleanse Guide!

6 Cold-Pressed Juice Bars to Visit in Melbourne + DIY Cleanse Tips!

by Sally O’Neil, Editor in Chief

We all know juices are an awesome way to swallow a lot of vitamins and minerals in one quick hit. While I prefer to eat my veggies, I can rarely go past a cold-pressed nut milk. There’s something so comforting about a rich cashew chai. *drool*



Meander around the streets of Melbourne and pick up your next juice at these top hot-spots:


At Greene Street owner Nat offers up organic, cold pressed juices named after NYC landmarks (super-cool) in her beautiful signature glass packaging. An airy spot with timber tables, the store is worth some morning hang-time. Grab a juice and the day’s paper, and drink in the nourishment.


Okay, so this one actually started out as a juice store in Melbourne and is now a massive empire with 10 stores (and counting), and a huge loyal following to boot. A sign that their juices are well worth parting with $9 for. There’s so much choice it can get pretty confusing, but stores are manned by nutritionists who offer up samples of the range, and give tailored advice.


One of my personal faves, owner James McLoughlin knows how to make a mean health elixir – complete with hilarious names. Their cheeky branding alone is well worth the visit (time for a Megan Kale, anyone?). Try the immunity juice for a metabolism boost thanks to the lemon + cayenne pepper, or go for the Black Magic Shot for a serious detox cleanse.

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FINN’s cold pressed juices are lovingly made with the assistance of Melbourne’s finest naturopaths and holistic nutritionists. Their popular instagram feed showcases the best of the best #healthies. For something different, try Rainbow juice with some interesting additions of basil and sea salt.


This really is a juice without guilt – all profits from their cold pressed juices and nut mylks go to various social and environmental projects around the world. They also run on a zero waste policy, using any leftover pulp to make fertiliser for their produce.


A “nutter” from the Nutrition Bar is the perfect nourishing way to end the day!  Think creamy chocolate almond milk paired with 100% natural nut butter. These guys also offer up seven different cold pressed juices from alkalising greens to fat-burning grapefruit. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

For those of you who love the idea of going hard-core, why not wander around the streets of Melbs for a day and try a DIY cleanse? You could opt for a pre-made plan (and pay a small fortune), or you could buy-as-you-go and visit lots of cool places on the way! It’s a no-brainer.

One-day juice cleanse guide:

Morning: 1 x green drink for breakfast + 1 x mid-morning fruit juice.

Afternoon: At mid-day opt for a vegetable-rich green drink or nut milk (if you’re super hungry) + a coconut water or green drink in the mid-afternoon

Evening: a vegetable juice in the late afternoon; and a nut milk for soothing nourishment in the evening.

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