2014: Life in Review

2014: Life in Review

So it’s 2015, and I’ve been using the festive down-time to take stock of the year that was. It’s been a manic year both personally and professionally, and I’ve loved every darn minute. When I’ve failed (which has been often) I’ve learnt something from it – like not to add low-fat yoghurt to curry while cooking, or that I really, really hate burpees.

My year in summary looked a little like this:


  • Started a new job in obesity prevention with Medicare. Felt stifled by red tape.
  • Quit the above. Started my own business to tackle health issues in my own way.
  • Rebranded The Fit Foodie and redeveloped the blog with the team at Smack Bang Designs
  • Met some amazing fellow bloggers, foodies, stylists and business owners…to name a few:
    Jess Robinson Lazy Girl Fitness · JJ 84thand3rd · Martyna Angell Wholesome Cook · Sneh Roy Cook Republic ·
    Cindy Luk Beautifood · Kate Willbourn-Trevett Foodies Agenda · Mandy Bahn Change Room Foods · 
  • Ran my first live cooking demo at Vitality
  • Wrote my first eBook – chocolate focused, of course
  • Launched my own range of Protein Ball Mixes and secured my first stockist over at Butler & Bentley
  • Interviewed amazing people for Healthy Hangouts
  • Nominated for my first blog award (huzzah!)
  • Lunched my way around health-spots (in the name of research) with these fabulous instagrammers:
    @Fuel_it · @CocoHealth · @_SqueakyClean · @thealimentalsage · @nude_nutritionist
  • Learnt how to write an interpunct ( · ) 
  • Had my recipes and articles published by Clean Eating, Sweeter Life Club, Nourish, Australian Natural Health and Yum. Gluten Free Magazine.
  • Signed to creative management agency The Insiders
  • Ran my first stall at Bondi Farmers Market
  • Visited the UK only to remind myself that bad weather has a huge impact on my mood. Don’t meet me when it’s raining.
  • Bought my first professional digital camera (this one) and am still spending hours trying to learn how to use it properly.
  • Met Heston Blumenthal and Adrian Richardson, both subsequently questioning my hideously thick Yorkshire accent.


2014: Life in Review
Pictorial evidence of all that I devoured in 2014!



Anyway, this little review got me thinking…with all the developments of the past year, recipes and blog posts have sometimes had to take a back-seat. Responding to emails, buying props, invoicing and a whole heap of other stuff has been getting in my way…or more precisely, I’ve let it get in my way. Writing about food and fitness is my passion, and that should always be at the forefront of my game. So here’s my promise to you, my lovely readers…a commitment to a minimum of one blog post and one recipe a week throughout 2015. More fresh content, tasty goodies and even a little more of me…straight up.

I’m looking forward to an eventful, fun-filled 2015. Join me won’t you?





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  1. Kate

    Congrats on an awesome year. Have a feeling though this year is going to be bigger & better for you! I’m so glad our paths crossed, look forward to sharing our passion for food & blogging in 2015

    • Sally

      Thanks K! Big things are coming for you in 2015 – can’t wait to see it all unfold! xx

  2. JJ - 84thand3rd

    Such a huge year for you – so glad we met! Now for lunching… ;D

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